Library Regulations - General rules

  • No one is allowed to cut out pages from any book. Anyone caught this way would be reported to the President, the Vice President and the Dean of Students to determine appropriate sanction to be meted out to the culprit which could even lead to dismissal.

  • Neither food nor drink is allowed in the Library.

  • All mobile phones are either to be put off or put on silence and vibration. 

  • No calls are to be made or received in the Library as this would distract other readers. 

  • No discussions are allowed in the library. However, discussions are allowed at the designated area which is the verandah of the first floor. 

  • You should leave all library materials on the reading desk after use. 

Borrowing privileges

  • Books borrowed from the library by students can be kept for two weeks only and are renewable for additional one week if no request has been made for them. 

  • Reference books are normally not meant for lending. However, one book can be borrowed over the weekend on Saturday afternoon at 2pm and returned Monday morning at 9am. 

  • Reserved books are not for borrowing at all. They can however be collected for photocopying of some pages if the photocopy is to be done outside the library premises. In that instance, the student has to register his/her name and the author/title of the book in a notebook which is provided at the front desk. It is the duty of the student to ensure that he/she has signed against the record after returning the book. 

  • Theses and long essays are also not for borrowing nor photocopying. By submitting one’s ID card student can be allowed to make reference to any of the long essays and theses in the premises of the library. Over reference of one particular theses or long essay is to be prevented to avoid unfair use or plagiarism/illegal use which can result in dismissal from the seminary. 

  • Every student will be required to seek clearance from the Librarian who will certify that they do not have library book on them before they graduate 


  • Books borrowed by seminarians returned after the due dates attract a fine of 50 GH pesewas a day per book for lending books and GH¢1.00 per book for reference books. 

  • Lost or damaged book would be paid for at thrice the market price. 

  • If the book is an old one and is out of print a suitable substitute printed recently would be demanded thrice the market price. 


  • Bags are not allowed at the reading desks. They are to be left at an area designated for them usually at the entrance of the library. It must be noted, however, that the Library would not be responsible in case of loss of any item either through theft or any other means. Therefore, users of the Library are advised not to leave any valuables in their bags. 

  • One is required to show all books in his or her possession to the Library personnel at the front desk when entering or exiting the Library. Where a security personnel is present he or she has the right to search through a patron’s bag or files when exiting the library premises.